Empowering public school students with blockchain and web3 technology


Educate public school students about blockchain and the web3 to foster regenerative entrepreneurship in Latin America


Build a support network of teachers, students and startups to decentralize the production of teaching materials and innovation in local economies


Knowledge Sharing

Our course track offers everything from the basics of blockchain technology and how to safely store your assets, to more advanced knowledge of token economics and engineering. These are courses that can be completed in less than 5 minutes and provide a non-fungible token (NFT) generated by the 101.xyz platform at the end of each course. Anyone can check who owns these NFTs, making it a great way to encourage students to delve deeper into web3 topics. Here's a secret: Blockchain in the School NFTs give you access to exclusive benefits in our community.


The Social Token

The name of our social token - $NOS - comes from the Brazilian expression ‚Äú√Č noix,‚ÄĚ which reaffirms the sense of community that links a huge portion of our youth. The term can also be easily translated into Spanish, ‚Äúnosotros,‚ÄĚ for connecting with our hermanos in Latin America. $NOS has a pedagogical use, encouraging students to learn, and acting as a tool for teachers to create dynamic interactions with web3 in the classroom.

Want to earn free $NOS?


Our team is led by four contributors and a team of collaborators that help us with specific topics.

Marcelo Silva - Founder & Advisor

Marcelo Silva

Founder & Advisor
Ariel Leite - Coordinator & Product

Ariel Leite

Coordinator & Product
Gregory Azevedo - Brand & Communication

Gregory Azevedo

Brand & Communication
Verber Alves - Regional Leader

Verber Alves

Regional Leader


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