$NOS - The Social Token

The name of our social token - $NOS - comes from the Brazilian expression ‚Äú√Č n√≥ix,‚ÄĚ reaffirming the sense of community that binds a huge portion of our youth. The term can also be easily translated into Spanish, ‚Äúnosotros,‚ÄĚ (us), which allows us to dialogue with Latin American youth as a whole.

Our idea is to remind everyone that all we have is each other.

In the words of the rapper Emicida: ‚ÄúWe're all that we've got.‚ÄĚ

What is a token?

Tokens are a way to transfer information or values between people and institutions. Money (Real or Peso), for example, is a token that transfers financial values. The token of Brazil's June Festival (or S√£o Jo√£o, for the Northeasterners), is a token that contains the information that you are entitled to buy a tapioca, for example.

An example in the context of web3, the Celo network's $CELO token allows users to access an ecosystem of blockchain services, where they can transfer any kind of information or value with extreme speed, security and low cost.

$NOS - the social token

$NOS is a social token, as its function is tied to learning and providing mentorship and consulting for Blockchain in the School's graduates.

The development of $NOS will be divided into three phases. Our first goal is to allow the students of the course to have contact with a social token and to be able to follow its evolution, and to encourage them to continue their learning outside the classroom.

Phase 1 - Getting Your Feet Wet

Our students will receive $NOS tokens for attending classes, responding to our vocation and course feedback surveys, and completion of our additional courses on the platform 101.xyz.

In Phase 1, students will be able to use their $NOS to hire mentors or enroll in courses from our partner network, where they can continue their learning and become increasingly expert in the areas of their interest.

Our initiative aims to provide students with access to the web3, blockchain and innovation in general. The goal is to include them as creators, developers and other leading roles.

Phase 2 - Things are Getting Serious!

In the second phase of the life of $NOS, we will have a team of top consultants to support the students in developing projects, and this team will increase as we expand to more cities and countries.

Here, the idea is to use the vocational training from Phase 1 to help them form groups to create solutions within their communities. Our consultants, along with the incubation hub we will be building, will offer their services in exchange for $NOS to accelerate the creation and implementation of these projects.

Phase 3 - A Scalable and Decentralized Educational Platform

In the third phase of $NOS's life, anyone will be able to use it to access our educational platform and enjoy our services (reminder: our students will continue to receive $NOS for their learning).

The $NOS will then acquire financial value, as any people and institutions will be able to purchase it to access our services or as an investment.

The token will also be used to decentralize the governance of our platform and organization. $NOS holders will decide the future of the platform as a whole, being able to make proposals for its evolution and use of treasury funds, elect councils for specific functions, and more.

This stage is one of maturity and demands wisdom and fairness. We want to ensure that everything we build is managed by those who can most enjoy this infrastructure - the youth in peripheral communities, the teachers in public schools, and the startups focused on the area of social impact.

That is why we will use consensus systems that privilege users with priorities aligned with ours in the long term, rather than giving greater voting power to those who have the most tokens. This system will be built in partnership with institutions that have expertise in token governance and engineering, such as Token Engineers and Commons Stack.

Token Contract (Celo network): 0xDa409E3acA8354cD4d5706D27154dE4C8580e436

Symbol: NOS